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Created for the Mystical Door Tour.

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The Airless Room, 6x6, mixed media  

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File Number, 6x6, mixed media

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Hardware, 6x6, mixed media

These three pieces (above) were created for the ArtSplash miniature auction in November 2007.


This is a piece I did in January 2006 for the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery to benefit SOLV.

zeekshrine01.jpg (56229 bytes)    zeekshrine06.jpg (50421 bytes)    zeekshrine04.jpg (40450 bytes)

Suspended, mixed media assemblage, about 14" high.

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Shiny on the Inside, Mixed media assemblage, about 24" high.
shineyontheinsideslidelo.jpg (108996 bytes)

Frankenstien's Whore, mixed media assemblae, about 8" high

frankenstienswhore1.JPG (366212 bytes)

"The Lovely Machine"

 thelovelymachine05_thumbnail.JPG (8985 bytes) thelovelymachine03_thumbnail.JPG (8136 bytes)  thelovelymachine04_thumbnail.JPG (8673 bytes) thelovelymachine02_thumbnail.JPG (6364 bytes) thelovelymachine06_thumbnail.JPG (5835 bytes)



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