rebecca01.JPG (23840 bytes)rebecca02.JPG (43016 bytes) A hat and scarf combo I made for my sister-in-law Rebecca for Xmas.Wool with ribbon fringe and pom-pom. I've just bow-tied the pom-pom on for now until I know she likes it. Not everyone is a pom-pom person....ARE YOU??

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An all-wool thick-n-thin varigated yarn. A worsted weight wool cap in burgundy red.

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hat01.JPG (38718 bytes)

An acrylic and wool blend yarn in natural/cream. Note the pom-pom. An acrylic and wool blend in brown and black. Note the ear warmers, ties, tassles, and pom-pom.

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twopointhat.JPG (36957 bytes)

A bsic skull cap - really warm and squooshy....no pom-pom on this one.... A two pointed hat! Note the pom-poms!

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bigthickpastel.JPG (28731 bytes)

Basic skull cap with pom-pom! really pretty fall-ish colors! Acrylic and wool. This is the coolest wool! Big, thick and pastel! I'm going to try felting this one....

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earhat01.JPG (58167 bytes)

More ear warming hats....wool in greens, blues, and brown. Ear warming hat in shades of pink, purple, orange, blue with a little bown thrown in for good measure. this one also has a pom-pom on top but you can't see it in this picture.

twopointhat02.JPG (53911 bytes)

I love this wool....I did the points a wee bit different on this one...  


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