Paintings: Mixed Media, Encaustic and Collage

Copyright Amy Peacock 2005

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almost inconceivable    gathering drifters

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The Woman with One Eye to the World - SOLD    Black Haired Woman     White Haired Woman    The Lines on His Face Tell a Story     Peer Gynt

Connect The Dots    The Acension    Sweet Creatures - SOLD     Raven-haired Girl - SOLD

The Private Dick Series    The Private Dick Series    The Private Dick Series

The Private Dick Series     The Private Dick Series   The Private Dick Series

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Public Faith series    Public Faith series    Public Faith series

 #1 - Fire in the Belly     #2 - She Had a Hole in Her Heart    #3 - She Began to See Things

 #4 - Female Trouble     #5 - All in Her Head    #6: Nervous Girl

Broke Down SOLD    Lights Unheeded    The Fine Machine    Wait - SOLD    Suspense and Conjecture    Suspense and Conjecture

Red Hair, Green Eyes    Spiked     Put on a Happy Face    Bird Tounge

 Mod Girl    Murder in the House     Perfect    Tender Memory

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The Index Series

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The Serial Killer Series

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