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Oooo. I had no idea it had been so long since I updated my blog...yikes! Anyway, I wanted to point you towards the EDMONDS ART STUDIO TOUR which I am pleased to be a part of. I donot live in Edmonds but one of my fellow artists was kind enough to let me share her space with her for this event. I will be in Mona Fairbanks' studio. come check us and all the other great artists out!

I just finished ARTSplash in Edmonds, WA and am pleased that I sold some paintings! We also had a very successful miniature auction which we will do again next time . Our next show is November 2007. For more details checkout our website. ARTSplash in Edmonds, WA



Wow what a whirlwind three weeks it's been! I   painted like a wild woman for three weeks straight and was pleased with my progress. The Arts Alive! show was fun - and best of all, I was the top seller! I couldn't believe that! I sold a big new painting there to a gentleman for his office. I knew some guy would like it - guys can be so afraid of getting something too feminie. I can totally understand that of course. Anyway I go to deliver and hang it for him later this week. I was so excited after I sold this piece that they about had to scrape me off the ceiling.   My stock of journals is seriously depleted and I will have to make more before my next show. Ihave two custom journals to make in the next couple of weeks. As your basic starving artist, I surely do appreciate those who purchase my art. It always goes back into the art fund of course.

That's all for now! Be sure to look at my paintings page if you haven't already - lots of new paintings there!


Thanks to everyone who came out for the August show (which I now realize I forgot to mention here). I did the best I ever have at the August ArtistsConnect show and I hope that bodes well for my future.

I have some exciting news! I am going to be part of the Mill Creek art show called Arts Alive! This show has been around for 10 years or so and is well traveled and well advertised. I can't figure out why they don't have a website yet - I wish I could send you to it! Anyway, this is a bit of a last minute thing for me - and now I've got to bust some ass to get things done for it.

I am also looking forward to the next Mary Lou Zeek gallery project - 100 artists! I should get month! The first year it was a panel and this year it was a small box. I have so much fun with these and they are always for a great cause.

My next show, after the Mill Creek one, may not be until July of 2007. That depends, of course, on if I get any more last minute inviations! I hope to have lots of cool new stuff for that show, if not before. It feels like I've got lots of time right now, but I know how fast a year can go.


Thanks to everyone who came out the ArtistsConnect show at the end of April. I just realized that I forgot to mention it here. What a dork I am! Anyway, my work will be shown again in August and I will be sure to post here when I've got more details. At any rate, completely unrelated to art, but exciting all the same, this weekend I have been participating in a workshop to become a certified NRA Basic Pistol instructor and Home Firearms Safety instructor. No, I'm not a member of the NRA (and may never be one), but firearms are a topic that I am very interested in, both as a student (we are all ALWAYS students in life, aren't we?) and now, as an instructor. At any rate, I hope to have a small section of my website related to this subject and any classes that I will be teaching will be listed there. Firearms (and the themes we often relate to them, both good and bad) have been a subject of my art for a long time. It may seem as though art and war are mutually exclusive, but think of  Japanese warriors (Samurai) ... who were proficient in both poetry and painting as well as battle. Yin and Yang, folks. Balance. A person could go off on many philosophical tangents here, so I'll let it go at that for now. may have noticed the new link on my home page - yes indeed, I will be offering prints very soon! Stay tuned for more info there too.



Just a reminder that I have a piece in the current Mary Lou Zeek Gallery srhines to the environment show. go check it out - it's for a good cause and there are really cool shrines available!

Also I have another show coming up in April -  I have no idea what I will be showing yet tho. this is another ArtistsConnect show and will take place in Edmonds, WA. I will post details soon!



NEW! CafePress shop now open!!!

I am starting to offer some of my artwork on items from CafePress!!! I am very excited about this because it allows me to offer many products that I would not normally be able to. Christmas is coming and this stuff would make great gifts!

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Also, I don't often sell on ebay, but here is my link, just in case.... Actually I DO have some things from my site on ebay right now! Go look! :)


Greetings all! I have decided to add a little news column/blog thingy to my website. This will, hopefully help me keep you up to date on new stuff, interesting links and events and so forth. be sure to check back here often for new stuff or if you need to contact me, please feel free to do so!

For my first item, I want to mention this site:

The Lazarus Corporation - Principia Discordia

I don't know Paul Watson very well yet, but I do know that his current work/project looks incredibly cool. Please do check it out!

I long to document a process the way he is...everytime I see an artist do this I think to myself, hey....*I* should document something!!!! But that is as far as it far...there may be hope for me yet!

Stay tuned for more news!

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